My name is Chriss Joseph and I live in Malmö, Sweden. My biggest passion has been dancing and the creative arts. With time it has gone over to fashion and interior design.

Thorough my life I’ve I have checked a lot of boxes within my dancing career. My first goal was to perform and dance in music videos, that slowly went over to bigger projects as tv shows. From there I went to dance in LA and got casted for two artists, one up and coming and for a music video for Jennifer Lopez. When I came back to Sweden my interest for fashion picked up and I started as a sales person and gradually ended up as a buyer for a high end store. I felt as I stagnated and I decided to study a year B2B education which I graduated in May 2018 and I landed a really great job as a consultant sales person within interior design.

Through my years with dancing, fashion and sales I’ve even gone in and out of different projects as a network marketer within lifestyle products, skincare, protein and nutrition drinks and finally crypto currency, which I’ve also been day trading. I’m also in the middle of launching my own sweatshirt with different hashtags which I’m going to developer through out the coming years!


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