My energy is something that keeps me going every day, the stress keeps me calm and focussed.

My name is Alicia Wetterholm, I’m 26 and I live outside the city to recover for the stress we get to expose from everyday in the sales business even if I love it and it keeps me calm you need to reboot your energy to reach for your goals.

I work as a salesperson at Mercedes Benz Malmö Sweden, I’ve always loved cars and sometimes it feels like my heart is an engine. The brand makes everyday feel premium and it’s amazing to be a part of someone’s biggest purchase in life. I love too work, so on my “free” time I work with telephone subscriptions for companies. When I don’t do that I work as “model” for a wedding dress company in Malmö, proms and weddings and I’ve done a few photo shoots for a wedding photographer. I always worked behind the camera so it’s a quite big change too be in front of the camera but I really like it. And too get photographed in wedding dresses and know that someone is going to wear that dress on one of their happiest days of their life is quite amazing. I can feel the joy in every dress, in every accessory and in every photo.

What the future holds is still unwritten, I never thought I would be where I am today because my journey went quite fast. I worked very hard to be were I am today and I think the future have big plans for me. My goal everyday is to always have energy, to always see the day as a opportunity for becoming something even better than what I am today.

Always take care of yourself, always work on yourself and always love yourself.

Do never forget the value of how you are because you are the most important person you will ever know.




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